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Well, last night I have been thinking about the web series I wanted to do. It’s not secret that
it’s been one that I have been wanting to do for the past 4 years! Being a filmmaker with a full time job, a wife, kid and another one on the way. I do tend to lose track of my personal projects. I’ve been busy with film competition, challenges, Film festivals. However, I feel I am lacking on those personal projects. Don’t get me wrong I love all those things I do, but I keep thinking I need to treat my projects like the film challenges and set dates, get confirmation from cast and crew. Sure, it sounds easy enough. One thing I have noticed, not just with myself, but with others is that when you KNOW it’s not due on Sunday night or Monday night you have that in the back of your mind “Oh, I’ll put it off another week” and a week becomes two, and two weeks become a month etc. Or you have the folks that say “Oh, I’ll just ask if they can postpone it because I want to go away for the weekend” etc. I normally don’t like to be the one that sits there and talks, and talks about that “Project” that I’m working on, that never gets accomplished. :)However, I feel that all the time that has passed is not for granted. I have learned and grown as a filmmaker since my very 1st film. I have met some great fellow filmmakers, and some that I consider friends, that make films, and not just a fellow filmmaker. I admire all the hard work that indie filmmakers do, and the work of the actors (the committed ones) do.

I’m still fine tuning my skills, since I’m a jack of all trades just like every other filmmaker out there. I’m open on working with cool, easy going, and dependable folks. Which brings me to the “Series” I’ve been talking about for the LONGEST time 😀  I looked at the facebook page I created over a year ago, and had to delete some information on there since the two original stars flaked on me, and both stood me up on the day of the shoot. The worse part about that is they were friends of mine. Moral to that is, friends who like to act will screw you unlike the actors you meet and become friends with. Sounds weird, but that’s how I have noticed the laws of indie film works. I uploaded a title page that had the date on it and it didn’t have anybody attached to the project. It’s just a simple page since I’m not a graphic designer. I’m moving forward, fresh start, new beginning. I feel good about it. I feel good of all that I have accomplished. I still have A LOT to learn. Once I get the ball rolling, I hope to provide a positive, fun, set for my future cast and crew. I like making films, even with all the stumbling blocks, and frustrations. I always find the end product worth it. Sometimes, I wish it could be an easy project one day 😛


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