GMO The Movie



Young Marty is taken to a local Corn Maze by his abductor in order to “Earn” his trust. What Secrets does this seemingly ordinary corn maze hiding? Will Marty make his escape from the maze and his abductor?

*Made for the 3 day Film Challenge. Shot on location at the R.A.M. Farms in Turlock, CA 2015



Jim Craven William Barbour
Marty Piper Austin J. Guillen
John Big Boote’ Ray Macedo
Bruce Eddie Medeiros
Maze Lady Natalie Wycoff
The Worm Willie the Worm


Director Melisa D. Guillen
1st Director Assistant Natalie Wycoff
Story by: Melisa D. Guillen & Bev Brown
Cinematographer Armand Q. Smith
Boom Operator Gus M. Guillen & Austin J. Guillen
Screenplay: Gus M. Guillen & Bev Brown
Editing by: Gus M. Guillen & Melisa D. Guillen
Worm Wrangler Natalie Wycoff