For the love of……

2015 is the year I’ve walked out of my comfort zone and tackled on new duties. If you’ve seen some of my posts you know that I’m the producer of the San Jose 48 Hour Film Project. I’m a filmmaker, family man and a full time employee. Taking on these duties have been awesome and I’m looking forward to 2016 and what I can do for next year. 

It’s definitely not easy by any means. I do this because I love filmmaking, I love the IndieFilm community and I firmly believe in the talented people we have here in the Bay Area. I’m basically a “behind the scenes” kind of guy. Writer, Director, and editor for my films. I do make some “Cameos” in my films, but public speaking has never been my best suit. However I am willing to go out of my comfort zone because I believe in this. I want this to grow. 

Balancing everything is not as easy as it seems. Running film festivals, or 48HFP isn’t a job that is going to make you rich. Either you bleed a little, if you’re lucky you break even. Hey maybe you’ll make 20 bucks!! J/K. All kidding aside every festivals out there is doing it because they love it. After a few years and several of sponsors you may make some money off of it but definitely not to live off the festival that’s for sure. 

I have major respect for the Festival directors that work hard for the filmmakers. Staying up late, stressing over screenings, making sure you make your money back for the theater you paid out of your own pocket. Taking kids to play dates, school events, and scouting events. It’s a lot. For me it’s all worth it when I see the people having fun, and when they say “Thank you” for putting on this event. It really gets me excited for the next event. 

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