Changing of the guard.

I’m writing this as I’m on the BART train heading home. After a two year absence as an active competitor.

Tonight marked the first time I am not leading a team. I joined a team. I’ve known Sinohui Hinojosa for several years now. I’ve also competed against him as well. We have similar ideas and goals as filmmakers and he’s always willing to help up and coming filmmakers as well. We both believe in the pay it forward belief when it comes to filmmaking. I admire him, and his work.

Tonight was a bittersweet night. Returning to active competition in a film contest that helped start off my film career. New producers are at the helm. I haven’t had the chance to actually know them but I wish them all the luck. It marks the end of the Vincent Lowe era in San Francisco as well as in San Jose. I’ve also gotten to know Vincent over the years and outside of the whole filmmaking realm. He will be missed.

This is the first time I will get a decent amount of sleep before a shoot. Wish me and my new team luck.

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